Business Director

We are a creativity company that delivers business impact by involving people in brand experiences.
We: Seek Unconvention, Work Hard, Laugh Hard, Love Well (our values).

To achieve this vision, the Business Leadership team ensures the growth and development of our clients’ companies and brands by using knowledge of their businesses to focus the agency’s creativity. Ultimately, we drive and champion brilliant work.

Summary: (The Elevator Pitch – “who I am”): The Business Director is the senior day-to-day business partner for clients, offering deep business insight and innovation along with a long-term vision for clients’ businesses.

Role: (“What I do”): The Business Director drives the management of one or more accounts. To that end, they drive strategic business planning and insight for a client, the creation and management of a meaningful client bond and growth of the client relationship. The Business Director unearths insights and drives the development of powerful marketing strategies that not only offer paths for creativity, but paths for business growth. Partnering with senior clients, the Business Director works tirelessly to understand clients’ perspectives, needs and opportunities, and partners with clients in development/delivery of a long-term vision that will achieve business growth. He/she marshals the agency’s resources across departments to contribute thought-leadership and innovation, and uncovers rich opportunities for creativity. Additionally, the Business Director motivates the team to deliver insightful, smart work. Depth of knowledge and relationship allows the Business Director to identify and foster growth opportunities for the agency.

Accountabilities: (“What I am responsible for” — detail processes, systems, people and policies owned by the role):

  • Partners with senior-level clients to create a business vision and marketing/communications strategies
  • Sees the long-term business opportunity and challenge, and creates paths for the agency to solve where it should
  • Anticipates client drivers/obstacles and relationship needs
  • Creates an intimate knowledge of client structure, KPIs, business goals and approaches, contributing to or motivating development of these as necessary
  • Stewards a meaningful client relationship, including brand knowledge and business integration
  • Partners with Planning to drive translation of business strategy into inspiring creativity; motivates internal and external teams throughout the process
  • Conducts business and relationship reviews to identify opportunities to further both the clients business objectives and our value to the client
  • Mentors and coaches the team of Business Managers, and Supervisors

Competencies: (Skills I have):

  • Leader – plays the game to win and is aggressive in pursuit of great work
  • Critical business thinker – has ideas about what will make a client successful and is confident articulating it
  • Digital Prowess¬–Knows enough to work at a digital only shop
  • Strategist– can turn information into insight and strategy, plus ideas, challenge the norm, and see two steps ahead
  • Consensus builder – thinks cross-functionally and finds roles for colleagues; motivates the group to achieve team success rather than departmental or individual success
  • Translator ¬– helps teams see root problems and plan ways around roadblocks
  • Strong creative and connections evaluator – understands how to use business knowledge to inspire creativity and how to give feedback about work
  • Salesman – Creates an environment to sell strong creative work. Finds new business opportunities with existing clients
  • Counselor - Knows how to have hard conversations while maintaining positive relationships and outcomes

Qualifications and Tools of the Trade:

  • 10+ Years experience in marketing or advertising, preferably at an ad agency in a client services/account management role
  • Prior leadership of a marketing communications relationship of size ($5 - $10MM+), including management of senior clients and strategy development
  • Familiarity with all aspects of communications management, including knowledge of brand management, media planning, account planning and research, and creative development and execution across formats
  • Bachelors Degree or equivalent work experience (business field not required)

To apply for this position, please email heidi.sutter@cwunited.com